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Ho Ho Ho!

On, customers! On, antique dealers! To Salamanca & Ontario Malls
Now dash away! Dash away! Dash away all!
To get great discounts for a sale that features the BALL!

This sale is for two days:
SAT, SUN -- DEC 10, 11
10am to 6pm
20% OFF – items over $10

- Plus -

Draw the BALL for 5% - 20% more!


First, you get 20% OFF every item over $10.

Then, you draw a Ball and get an extra discount on every item on your invoice. Your Ball will give you an extra 5% to 20% more off every item!

Imagine, you get the extra discount even on items you already received 20% off. You can get almost 40% off on items over $10. So put on your sleigh bells and get over here!

The BALL also gives you 5% to 20% OFF every item $10 or less.

You will not lose with us. It is a matter of how much you will win. The racetrack is closed but we are open. You can’t go wrong!

This is a fabulous time to get gifts for your loved ones as well as yourself.

Escape the typical retail store and get higher quality and greater value by finding something unique, vintage and real at the largest antique malls in New York State with over 1,000 dealers at Salamanca Mall Antiques and Ontario Mall Antiques.


The Retailer

The Retailer loved the things in his house

They were all shiny and new

But after every few years

He knew just what to do


He would go to the newest retail outlet

And scan the internet for things that weren’t even out yet

If it were the latest he just had to have it

He would go to Bridget VonVoonVam’s Gidgets and Gadgets

She would have desks that lit up with the push of a button

He would pay high prices as if it were nothin’

Slick shiny gray the furniture would glisten

Anything last year he just wouldn’t listen

His home had to have the latest décor

If the item was next year, well then, he had to have more!

The future was it and it was all in his place

His place and the things in it looked like it was from outer space


But after a few years of the items he bought

Furniture and gadgets would just fall apart

They would wear down so bad he wouldn’t give it a thought

Going back to the same retail stores for great deals – not!

Oh, such wasteful delight!

How can you enjoy something so quickly out of your sight?

‘Cos he’d gather all the broken pieces to haul out of the house

And if they weren’t broken then he’d get bored with the use


Until he saw an ad in the news

Of things that were old and had been many times used

At Ontario and Salamanca Mall Antiques

The largest in New York State – good grief!

Did he see the ad in the paper or on TV?

Maybe he overheard it in conversation between you and me

Whatever it was the Retailer couldn’t resist

To listen more closely of sales such as this

Beginning at 10am when people walk through the front door

To find items that haven’t been seen for 50 years or more

The Retailer almost lost interest ‘cos old things he found a bore

But the size of the discounts he just couldn’t ignore

A ball that saves you money – how can that be?

He listened more closely to the conversation between you and me

Discounts up to 40 percent off

I just then noticed someone pulling at my cuff

“Picking a BALL out of a box you say?

Bell ringing and fun?”

The Retailer thought to himself,

“I usually just go in and out and I’m done.”

Oh, no, no no, say I say

And this BALL sale lasts for more than just one day


So many items that come in all sizes

Thousands of square feet full of surprises

The tall and the small, the short and the wide

Up and down and side to side

Clocks, clothing, coins and glassware

Toys, paintings, pottery and hardware

Items from the 17th to mid 20th century

That also includes the sterling and jewelry

And the furniture is made from solid real wood

Better than the particle board that you know is no good


So the Retailer signed up to get on the email list

To hear about this sale – just one he could not resist

When he entered the mall he just could not believe

All the trinkets and items – too many to see

He slithered and slunked

And slithered upon a trunk

Made when who knows by Oliver O. Crunk

He looked at the tag on the front

Couldn’t believe his eyes

So he looked at it thrice

After the BALL discount it was less than 55 dollars

He then unslithered and unslunked to let out a holler

He found other treasures with the same result

He stopped in his tracks and thought to himself

“But how could this be?”

He said with the scuff of his head

There’s nothing new in here but vintage instead

No items that looked exactly the same

You come here enough they know you by name

Nothing shiny nor new

Nor gray nor metallic

No desks that are see through

But these things in here he just had to have it


His thinker was thinking and thought itself out

So full of enthusiasm he let out a shout

“What I have been buying was nothing but junk!”

For a moment his thinker was stuck in a funk


Then he had an idea

A wonderful, awful idea!

To stop buying gifts and merchandise that just would not last

And to do it now and do it fast

Scratch off these other retailers that were on the list

And replace it with Ontario and Salamanca Mall Antiques

A one-stop-shop for gifts and décor

When items sold the dealers would just bring more

Each time he would come it would never be a bore

‘Cos items keep changing throughout the whole store

Gifts his friends would surely enjoy

Excitement uncorked – oh, boy!


Open daily ten to six you have plenty of time

With all your gifts in bins you don’t mind

Waiting in line to hear a bell that is ringing

And customers singing ‘bout the money you will be saving


So it is nice to see

Someone like the Retailer as old fashioned as me

That high quality and high prices don’t have to be

Coinciding so equally

Gifts and décor will last a long time

That come with great prices you will find

But get here quick - lickety split

If you wait too long those items will probably be gone!


Happy Holidays,

Demitri Kolokouris, Mall Manager, Salamanca Mall Antiques
100 Main St, Salamanca, NY / 716-945-5532

Matt Guche, Mall Manager, Ontario Mall Antiques
1740 Route 332 (Rochester Rd), Farmington, NY 14425 / 585-398-3030
1850 E. Ridge Rd (behind Planet Fitness), Rochester, NY 14622 / 585-342-2828

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